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17 October 2018  Book 2 is now up to Chapter 9 (of 14) and going well. Once written in Scrivener it has to be compiled in Word in order to add the pictures. By doing it all myself, via my indie company Red Robin Publishing, it can be on the market much quicker than going through a regular publisher - and making my cash losses more bearable.

The contents are just about set, see MM books tab.

Book 1 is gathering some good vibes - on its quality, cover, content selection, interesting and rare pictures, that are all brought together to make the history easy to read.  Perhaps a copy should be sent to the Duke of Sussex to assist him take up his new job!

This time, Book 2 will be made available as a POD version obtained direct for sale in the local outlets indicated. That version should be cheaper than the special deluxe version of Book 1.

Several topics have needed loads more research: ‘Goering Stayed Here; Fact of Fiction’ is one with surprising twists! And guess who named Lord Haw–Haw; what’s the link with Midhurst?

30 August 2018  Writing of Book 2 is in progress for an hoped-for late 2018 publication.

As much of the  research has been done it goes at  a good pace but winter here in Oz has  meant  some lost time. 

25 June 2018 Added tab on where to buy or view books, and improvements to content users are sending in.

17 May 2018 The Launch went very well. The icy cold night did not deter attendance to hear local resident, Prof. Emeritus Dawn Ades, Professor of Art History at the University of Essex, tell us how good the book was. A celebration cake was cut to thank those who have helped. Sales began briskly - I could be heard quietly thanking the Gods.

Some small problems with contracts are still to be resolved for e-books to be up on Amazon and Apple; but KOBO have them for sure.

Local sales are being set up across the Midhurst District. 

Both books are now  held at the Midhurst Museum. Book 1  is held at Kim's Bookshops in Chichester and Arundel.  Other outlets are currently being set in place over the District.

I am now back in Adelaide getting over a great trip to the UK. 

And.. gearing up to carry on with Book 2.


3 April 2018. Book 1.  A Place Close to My Heart and the companion booklet An Evacuee's Story are now available online via the main book distributors -- Google, Amazon. Book Depository, Waterstones, Blackwells, Foyles plus thousands more across  the globe; also can use a web-search for the titles.

Their e-book versions will be up mid April.

A project and book launch will take place in the Memorial Hall, North Street, Midhurst from 7-9pm on Friday 27 April 2018.  All are welcome. Please RSVP using the enquiries button below. We need numbers for catering plans.

Special Deluxe editions of these two print books will be available at the Launch and at the Community Day to be held at the Midhurst Rother College next day. Books are being rushed from Adelaide for this occasion at a special introductory price of UK £15.00 for Book 1 and UK £3.50 for The Evacuee Story  - good for the kids as full of pictures of my story.


Past News




The project starts to deliver. See News Flash above for the latest good news. 

Nearly time to get back to completing Book 2 on how the Nazis came to wreck the world and begin to take Midhurst out of its secluded hideaway.

March  Test prints of Book 1 in Midhurst for comment.  Final proofs ready to print deluxe edition.

The Evacuee story  booklet and Book 1 Midhurst WW2 Memoirs: A Place Close to My Heart, in printers for release at launch on 27 April in Memorial Hall of SDNPA  and sale at the Community Day at the Midhurst Rother College.

POD editions in work with Ingrams. 

Local distributor organised to make books available in District after 28 April 2018.

January Proofs sent to Midhurst for prerelease comment. Website upgrade in work. 


December Started on marketing methods. Investigating if Smashwords is e-book site to use.

Proofs printed without need to correct them. Amazingly there were no file errors  to correct to get them right!

November PDF files made of all chapters. Numerous redo's as learn process. WORD is not the best tool but ANO would need still more learning time. 



All year Researching and writing for Book 1. Relevant book collection slowing down. Now at around 200 in-print items and 30 e-books. Pictures selected and inserted into Word Files. Permission requests sent. 



July Material growing fast. Amazing stories found. WORD unable to process it all on one file. Migrated files into Scrivener authoring tool. Broke it up into 4 time phases. and set trial contents lists for several books. Using words-count, seems to need for 10 books. Concentrated on Prewar period to begin.

May Visited to organise Reunion of the 'Children of the WW2 Midhurst District'. More contacts made and information obtained.




February Visited Midhurst, for a month. Taking Interviews and collecting local books. Gave Midhurst Society talk, on my WW2 evacuee story, in Cowdray Hall. 70 attendees. Made many direct contacts. Everyone giving support for my interest.

January Research on in earnest. Masses of issues found in old books, on Internet and in local memory books by parishes.


Project ramps up. Not much to find on Midhurst so it won't take long!