Hello. Welcome to Midhurst WW2 Memoirs

Heartiest Welcome to you. The project has progressed well since research was started August 2014. Book 1 was launched in April 2018. Book 2 is well on the way for hopeful release by Summer 2019. Thank you for support of this work.


Website Launch in July 2017


 A website has become necessary to support the needs of my Midhurst WW2 Memoirs project, and other writers in the Midhurst District,  

I have no intention of it being a depository for historical materials; that is for other existing sites, like Gravel Roots, and published books to cover. This site will keep you up to date with progress and be a focal point into other endeavours that can help your own project writing  needs. It will publish news of project developments and give links for them - if you care to send them in! 

It is easily changed by me so do send in any comments, improvements and corrections that might just help the lot of the lonely long-distance writers of the District.

The Website Upgrade, January 2018


The website has been upgraded to reflect the progress being made.

The Midhurst WW2 Memoirs project is taking shape. Writing books seem, at times, to be the simpler part of building an ongoing history of the Midhurst District. 

A support structure is essential; getting its parts in place take time.

With that all in place the project can move faster with book releases. 

Web Site Updates

4 March 2019

Plenty has been happening; but with little that could be reported. I am now able to say the craft  writing, done in Scrivener,  research  and pictures selection side of Book 2, are now complete.

 I am now into the production work. doing the conversion into Word files and laying in the figures to get the print files for POD use.  Some months yet before publishing. 

I also have had another project  going related to Midhurst - but that is hush hush until it is proven. 

Chapter titles are updated in  the MM books tab.


19 December 2018

Christmas Greetings added to Welcome tab.

Minor corrections and updates of material made.

Early Update entries archived.

 17 October 2018

Latest on progress of Book 2. See News tab

30 August 2018

Weald Museum holding books

18 August  2018  

E-book versions now available on Amazon Kindle.


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