Access to the Books

Places Holding Books for Sale or Loan


The Midhurst Memoirs Project is about getting the history to who wants it. It is, therefore, to be found in many places. Books of the Midhurst  Memoirs project are available at several outlets:

  • Some local stores, in and near the Midhurst District
  • On-Line buying from your own country source
  • Libraries in West Sussex 

They are published in two forms:

  • Hard copy, print editions
  • E-book editions

Local Contact 

For local stock holding of hard copy,  prices, sources and discount for large orders, call

Ian Wegg ph 01730 269164

General enquiries 

Peter Sydenham

Local Midhurst District Outlets


Books are being made available throughout the Midhurst District  and nearby.

Now Stocking

  • Midhurst Museum
  • Kim's Bookshop in Arundel
  • Kim's Bookshop in Chichester
  • Weald & Downlands Living Museum, Singleton

On-line Purchase of all Books


As Print on Demand editions the Midhurst WW2 Memoirs Books are available on-line through on-line distributors. You order in your country to get them printed and posted to the address you nominate within a few days.

To find a source, use Midhurst WW2 Memoirs as your search term.

Prices may vary so shop around for best price.

The price of E-book and Hard copy versions are much different so make sure you order the kind you want. 



Midhurst Memoirs books are available as E-books.  These  are distributed in numerous sites. 

This type of book makes searching for content easy so is a good addition for researchers. It also can be adjusted on screen to suit your reading needs. 

They are now on Kindle, a great  inexpensive way to view and use the material. 

Another source is KOBO.

Suggested Prices are Book 1 -  £4

Evacuee Story  - £1



The books are available in the Reference section of West Sussex County Libraries

  • Worthing
  • Chichester
  • Midhurst

Also a copy is held for reference in 

  • Easebourne C.E. Primary School
  • Spread Eagle Hotel's Visitor's library



The suggested retail prices are:

Print Local Prices

Deluxe and POD:  Book 1: A Place Close to My Heart      £15

The Evacuee Story     £2.50

Shops can vary from this price.

On-Line Prices

Book 1  A  Place Close to My Heart £20

Evacuee Story   £3.50

Postage may be for free. Prices also vary.