Assistance with Local History Research and Publication

Gold mines of Experience and Material



The Midhurst Memoirs project has uncovered much material and located many researchers, writers and publishers in the District. Here they are listed. Their Websites are easily found on browsers.


Parish/Village Newsletters and Archives

United, Easebourne Parish magazine.

 Graffham Parish News, Graffham Parish news. 

Envoy, Midhurst and Woolbeding Parish news.

 Fernhurst News, Fernhurst magazine.

 Valley Diary, Lavant Valley, including Singleton and East and West Dean.

 Harting Parish Newsletter, The Hartings newsletter.

 The Rock, St Peter’s Parish, Petersfield newsletter.

 Outlook, Lodsworth Village magazine

 Parish Magazine, St. Mary’s Church, Pulborough. 

Parish Magazine, St Mary’s Church, Midhurst.

Midhurst Magazine,  Midhurst.

Publishers, Printers and Book Shops


Book Publishers 

Middleton Press, Easebourne.

Local Printers

Kerry Type, Midhurst

Book Shops

Haselmere Bookshop, Haslemere.

Wheeler's Book Shop, Midhurst

Kim's Book Shop, Arundel and Chichester

The Petersfield Book shop, Petersfield

Societies with history interest


Midhurst Society. (Midhurst Magazine)

University of the Third Age, Midhurst.

Village history groups, as per above Newsletters.

Websites with Local History Information



Gilbert Hambone's Diary 

Midhurst Society (much updated late 2018)

Weald Museum Library  

Violet Designs. (Site closed?) 

Many parishes have archives on-line

Local History Writers: Recent and Upcoming Publications


An exciting must-read!

Tania Pons,  A Midhurst Flying Field: The story of a forgotten Naval Air Station at War, 1941-1945.  Selham Airfield Project 2017.

Available from Wheeler's Book Shop, or on

About a truly 'lost' secret local WW2 airfield. Meticulously researched from primary records and interviews over many years. More topics to come, Tania?



Available locally and on-line;  go to local spots for cheapest books.

Peter Sydenham, Midhurst WW2 Memoirs: 1. A Place Close to My Heart, Midhurst Memoirs, 2018 

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Midhurst Writers Group


Recording history for others to use needs a good writing style, good planning of its contents, and plenty of other skills - just like fiction writing.  It also needs loads of experience to get published sensibly, with a minimal learning curve.  The Midhurst Writers’ Group is a local set of experts to consult, or even join.  Their members  have lots of experience in the self-publishing books out to the people.



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Published Local Histories Since yr2000


Boxall, Ronald E. A Midhurst Lad, Red’n’Ritten, Steyning, 2003.  

Butterworth, Mary and White, Diana. Graffham - Memories Articles Photos. Thursday Club, Graffham, 2015.   

Cocking History Group, A Short History of Cocking, Cocking History Group, Cocking, 2005. 

Coates, Rachel; Pons, Tania and Snow, Diane. Singleton Scrapbook- 50th Anniversary, Singleton School, 2014.  

Dicks, Christine: Dunne, Colin: and Elsdon, Sanchia. Stedham & Ipping Remembered, published by authors, printed Kerry Type, Midhurst, 2012.  

Elsdon, Sanchia, Midhurst in Living Memory, Midhurst Society, Midhurst, 2010 .

Fernhurst Soc. Voices of Fernhurst, Fernhurst History Group, Fernhurst, 2006.  

Guyatt, Andrew R. West Lavington School, 1853 - 2008: A Brief History. Private publication for School, 2008. (CofE First school.)

 Guyatt, Andrew R, Budgenor Lodge, Self published, Easebourne, 2012.

Howard, Bridget. Cowdray, Cowdray Heritage Trust, Midhurst, 2009. 

Litchfield, Tina. Easebourne Village Vignettes. Self published, Tina Litchfield, Easebourne, 2011. Neve, James. The History of Cowdray House & the Visit of Queen Elizabeth 1 to Cowdray, Scribd ebooks, 2011.   

Mitchell, Vic and Guyatt, Andrew. Cowdray and Easebourne, Middleton Press, 2007.  

 Tania Pons,  A Midhurst Flying Field: The story of a forgotten Naval Air Station at War, 1941-1945.  Selham Airfield Project 2017. 

Royal British Legion, They Also Served, Royal British Legion Midhurst, Midhurst, 2000.

 Skinner, Denys. ‘Sussex: People and History ” Crowood Press, 2002.  Sydenham, Peter. Evacuee Story, Red Robin Pub., 2018  

Sydenham, Peter. Midhurst WW2 Memoirs: 1. A Place Close to My Heart, Red Robin Pub., 2018  


Howard, Bridget, H.G. Wells & Midhurst, Midhurst Society, leaflet, 2004.

Howard, Bridget and Elsdon, Sanchia. Knights Hospitaller at Midhurst

Midhurst Society, leaflet, 2005

Howard, Bridget, The Saxon Defences, Midhurst Society, leaflet, 2006.

Howard, Bridget, St Ann’s Hill,  Midhurst Society, leaflet, 2006.

Howard, Bridget, The Market Square, Midhurst Society, leaflet, 2006.